Steve Wharton: Banjos/Autoharp/Harmonica/Vocal ~ Chris Carney: Fiddle/Mando/Vocal ~ Sue Walters: Bass/Vocal ~ Evan Morgan: Guitar/Vocal

Lonesome Holler String Band

THE LONESOME HOLLER STRING BAND (Consisting of Evan Morgan on guitar, Steve Wharton on banjos and autoharp, Chris Carney on fiddle and mandolin, and Sue Walters on bass ("...and they all sing real good too...") is dedicated to preserving and playing the Southern rural music of the 1920's, 30's and 40's".
Using the vocals harmonies and separate soloing of the emering bluegrass bands of the day, they push the boundaries of Old Time music and create a unique blend of sound not often heard today.
Evan (check his myspace page out at has the uncanny ability to play many different styles of guitar from Chuck Berry to Django Reinhardt, Clarence White and Riley Pucket (and make them all sound genuine). He was also a member of New Riders of the Purple Sage for a while. We're lucky to have such a fine musician in this band.
Steve is the professor of the band. He knows more about old time music than anyone I know. He can even decipher the lyrics from old 78's and he's been playing old time music for more years than even he can remember.
Chris grew up playing music. He started early playing all the brass and woodwind instruments through high school and college but finally came to his senses and settled on the fiddle in the late 1970's and has been playing Old Time and Celtic music ever since.
Sue has been playing bass and fiddle for more than 30 years and is a stalwart of the San Francisco Bluegrass scene having played with many of the best bands in the area. We're lucky to have her in the band.
Lonesome Holler is a fine bunch of folks who have a great time playing together and resurrecting some wonderful old music. You shouldn't miss a chance to hear them.
We still play the same great old time music which you can hear below and between the four of us, we've played all over California and points East at festivals, winerys, clubs and bars, parties, and you name it one of us has probably played there.
Anyway, if your in the need for some real traditional Old Time Music, give us a call at 707-765-1937 or send an email to:
Thanks a bunch for visiting and hope you like the music.

...Check out our mp3's to hear what we sound like...

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